Kim Kardashian today is very famous, but this popularity is not accidental. Way to incredible popularity of Kim Kardashian started with a leak sex video, which has become the official Kim Kardashian tape – one of most viewed video ever…

Indeed, the tape appeared on the net in 2007 and made a daughter of the attorney Robert Kardashian a famous celebrity. Before it she was just an ordinary socialite. Remarkable that Kim the tape was recorded in 2003, when Kim was only 18, and it was kept secret. For Ray J it had neither good effect,nor bad when the tape was in the public access, as he was famous enough that time.

Being a very ‘serious’ tape, with all the details, it caught the eye of the Vivid Entertainment. This company was interested in buying the Kim Kardashian and Ray J sex tape, they named the price- about $1 million. Kim, with the support of her family protested against these actions, applying to the judicial bodies.

It has been noticed in some sources that Kim Kardashian succeded in this suit,having got not less than $5 million. At the same time the Vivid Entertainment took advantage of “Kim Kardashian Superstar“.

In 2011 there appears a stranger who wishes to buy the sex tape so as not to leave it open to the public anymore. There is a supposition that it is the Vivid Entertainment who acts like the buyer, trying to attract more attention to the tape.

Kim K Sex Tape Screenshots from full version

In a year the news it appears that the sex tape has not appeared by accident but designed. Kris Humphries, Kim’s ex-husband, hints that the tape was staged by Kris Jenner,Kim’s ‘momager’.He accused Kris of pushing on her daughter. Kris Jenner herself refutes all the attacks on her, denying all the allegations.

Anyway, this video provided a great field for making profit from it. Even for Kim Kardashian, though she wishes now that she hadn’t done it. And, reasoning about the problems of the past, she still stays positive about her future,saying that ”we are not defined by our pasts.”

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